E-commerce Point Of Sale (NopPOS)

NopCommerce Point of Sale plugin (NopPOS) is browser based Point of Sale plugin (POS) system integrated with e-commerce website. Nop Point of sale (NopPOS) plugin is for simple and easy order processing by shop owners and their staff . NopPOS manage product and inventory in real time in one central system for online shopping (e-commerce) and sales at stores (POS) in just one click.

By getting Multi Store with Sub-Domains License for nopCommerce Point Of Sale (NopPOS) Plugin, you can run more than one POS enabled store from a single nopCommerce installation. This means you can setup, run and manage POS for more than one frontend store on different sub-domains and manage POS for more than one frontend store on different sub-domains and manage all admin operations from your single administration panel.

Highlighted Features

  • Nop Commerce Point of Sale plugin for simple and easy order processing by shop owners and their staff.
  • In store order processing, and placing a new order in just one click.
  • POS Can be configured for multi store using sub domain configuration.
  • Custom Payment methods to access Cash and save last 4 Card digits for card swipe payments. These custom payment methods will be visible only in POS UI.
  • Reports for manager.

NopPOS User Features

  • Order Search: PoS user can use this feature to search an order placed by a customer online for store pickup. Orders can be searched by customer name or order number.
  • New Order: PoS user can create a new order in store with cash payments. Easy checkout process with single button click.
  • Return Order: Easy return order process in store .
  • PoS Receipt: Print format support (i.e. standard 2.5 inches paper width).
  • Add new customer.
  • Search existing customer to place order.
  • Place guest customer order.

NopPOS Manager Features

  • Generate and exports Reports for cash registers.
  • Total order processed or returns.
  • Cash in/out statements.
  • Export and download reports in excel sheet format.

NopPOS Settings

  • Configure store prefix to generate invoice with a prefix.
  • Add Store address to assign a general billing address if any customer does not have one.
  • Start Cash: Common setting for nopPOS users to start the cash registers.
  • Barcode scan to retrieve product information in nopPOS.
  • Manage PoS users and Manager for store owner .

Multi-Store NopPOS

  • Managing multiple outlets at one place.
  • Multi-store POS makes it easy to manage inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time.
  • Boost your sales by online e-commerce and Multi-Store POS sales.- Multi-Store Standardized Pricing.
  • Have your customers order online and pick up their purchases directly from your store.
  • Create new customer accounts quickly and simply for walk-in-customer at Multi-Store POS point.

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