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One Page Checkout Plugin

NopCommerce One Page Checkout plugin make the whole checkout process more simple, flexible and user friendly. Nop One Page Checkout plugin reduces the checkout steps and save the user time for buying the product. Using Nop One Page Checkout plugin whole checkout process happens on a single page and more simple as compared to the default checkout in nopCommerce.

1) The One Page Checkout plugin process all checkout step on single page.
2) Pay your order amount in just 1 click.
3) Quick selection of shipping and billing address.
4) Easy to add & remove product from cart.
5) Discount, Gift and Estimate shipping options

$149.00 $99.00

Point Of Sale (NopPOS) Plugin

NopCommerce Point of Sale plugin for simple and easy order processing by shop owners and their staff . In – store order processing, and placing a new order in just one click.

1) Barcode scanner to add product in cart.
2) Search order by Order Number or Customer Email ID.
3) POS Receipt: Print format support (i.e. standard 2.5 inches paper width)
4) POS user can create a new order in store with cash payments. Easy checkout process with single button click.
5) Cash In/out flow.
6) Reports for manager.

$300.00 $249.00

Bulk Import Plugin

NopCommerce Bulk Import plugin is used to import collectively the products, categories, pictures and product attributes. Nop Bulk Import plugin is very user friendly plugin. Using Bulk import plugin admin can upload bulk products on single click.

NopCommerce Bulk Import Plugin Features:
1) Easy to install and manage.
2) Bulk Upload of Product, Categories, Manufacturers, Product Attributes.
3) Bulk Upload of pictures in Product.
4) Bulk Import of new categories, manufacturers, product attributes in product. Once new categories, manufacturers and product attributes are imported the products can be imported in bulk mapping with new categories and manufacturers etc.
5) Admin can experience with fast and Bulk upload of records for their store (e.g 10,000 records in 120 minutes)

$99.00 $59.00

Fabric Theme - Free Version

NopCommerce Fabric Theme for the interior Fabric business or company's website. The theme looks exceptional on any device and offers a great shopping experience both on desktop and mobile.

Furniture Stores Theme

NopCommerce Furniture theme for the interior décor business or company's website. The theme looks exceptional on any device and offers a great shopping experience both on desktop and mobile.
$160.00 $149.00

NopCommerce Quick View Plugin

Quick View plugin for nopCommerce allows customers to view product details without leaving current page of website. Nop Quick View plugin allow user to rapidly and easily access information about product. Quick View Plugin is designed in such a way to make product look more fancy on webpage. With the help of Nop QuickView plugin you can make your catalog easier and faster to navigate.
$49.00 $35.00

NopCommerce Banner Slider Plugin

The nopCommerce Banner slider plugin provide flexibility to add more than 5, unlimited number of banners. Nop Banner slider plugin provide options to store manager to link the banner image with product, category, tags and external or internal link. By using this Banner slider plugin, store owner can increase profit by displaying different promo banners for new deals, new arrivals, discounts etc. or just simply about provided products and services in different style to draw visitors’ attentions which will inspire them to add more items to cart and increase your sales.
$49.00 $25.00

Braintree PayPal Payment Plugin

BrainTree by PayPal Payment Plugin implemented as a NopCommerce payment method. It supports both drop-in and hosted options of BrainTree. By using the Braintree payment plugin in your NopCommerce store you can offer your customers the most popular payment methods i.e PayPal, credit and debit cards and digital wallets in a single place.

1) Supports drop-in and Hosted Payments.
2) The drop-in option also support card payment as well as pay with PayPal and other available payment method types.
3) Test/live mode.

$49.00 $29.00