Product Tabs Plugin

nopCommerce Product Tabs Plugin allows to add Tabs on productdetail page, user can set display order of the tabs through configuration page in the admin panel . It gives quick and easy access to product information. You can map the information tabs to products details , you can create custom tabs and finally get the messy product information in good order.

Highlighted Features:
1) Plugin displays "Description" form as a tab.
2) Plugin displays "Specification" form as a tab.
3) Plugin displays "Releated Product" form as a tab.
4) Plugin displays "Review" form as a tab.
5) Plugin displays "Contact us" form as a tab.
6) Plugin displays "Product Tags" as a tab.
7) Plugin displays "Special Price" as a tab.
8) Display Order re-arrange as per our needs.


http(s)://  ( Note: This product is only for provided domain )

Products specifications
NopCommerce Supported Versions 4.40
Localizable Fully localizable and can be used in any language
< HTML / CSS > Clean HTML and CSS structure for easy customization
Manage Easy to install and manage

Product Tabs Product Detail Page

Product detail page showing product tabs

Product Tabs Admin Setting

When user can select any tabs display product page through admin setting.