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NopCommerce Cash Plugin

Nopcommerce Cash Plugin is "Cash" payment module . Nop Cash Plugin allow customers to pay for their goods when they are delivered to them or In-Store Pickup. Cash Plugin has option to allow store owner to charge additional fees for cash on delivery. NopPOS Plugin user can use this plugin to receive POS Cash payment at Store.

Braintree PayPal Payment Plugin

BrainTree by PayPal Payment Plugin implemented as a NopCommerce payment method. It supports both drop-in and hosted options of BrainTree. By using the Braintree payment plugin in your NopCommerce store you can offer your customers the most popular payment methods i.e PayPal, credit and debit cards and digital wallets in a single place.

1) Supports drop-in and Hosted Payments.
2) The drop-in option also support card payment as well as pay with PayPal and other available payment method types.
3) Test/live mode.

$49.00 $29.00

NopMods MobileApp

NopMods MobileApp is a mobile application for the public store of NopCommerce. NopMods MobileApp will convert your NopCommerce Store into a Hybrid mobile application (iOS and Andriod). NopMods MobileApp has better user experience with marvelous UI/Ux features and functionalities and it is fully compatible with default NopCommerce Store.
By using our ready to use solution you can make Hybrid MobileApp ready for your nopCommerce Store. NopMods MobileApp is very easy to integrate with any nopCommerce site. You can do it simply by installing the nopCommerce WebApi plugin (provided by us). In this package, you will get, Mobile App APK for iOS and Android + WebAPI.