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Product Tabs Plugin

nopCommerce Product Tabs Plugin allows to add Tabs on productdetail page, user can set display order of the tabs through configuration page in the admin panel . It gives quick and easy access to product information. You can map the information tabs to products details , you can create custom tabs and finally get the messy product information in good order.

Highlighted Features:
1) Plugin displays "Description" form as a tab.
2) Plugin displays "Specification" form as a tab.
3) Plugin displays "Releated Product" form as a tab.
4) Plugin displays "Review" form as a tab.
5) Plugin displays "Contact us" form as a tab.
6) Plugin displays "Product Tags" as a tab.
7) Plugin displays "Special Price" as a tab.
8) Display Order re-arrange as per our needs.


Trending Products

nopCommerce Trending Products plugin is a professional nopCommerce plugin/addon which perfectly allows you to easily display trending products on your nopCommerce store. This premium nopCommerce Trending Products plugin has different admin settings to easily display the trending products on website homepage. By using Nop Trending Products plugin customer get all details about products on homepage itself i.e price, pictures, size, colour etc. to make quick decision to buy by add to cart products from website homepage. Admin can easily manage trending products from Trending Products tab and list of product to display.

Highlighted Features:
1) Upload many products at the same time, it will display Products on Home page in separate section.
2) All Product add and configure by admin panel.
3) Add more than two product attribute than auto-scroll enabled.
4) Add thumb image of product releated image if you add more the four thumb image than auto-scroll enabled.


Vertical Mega Menu

nopCommerce Vertical Mega Menu Plugin is powerful and great looking Mega Menu on nopCommerce website. With this Mega Menu, admin can easily add several widgets column wise, configure them and create vertical mega menu. Nop Vertical Mega Menu plugin is highly compatible and works with any well coded default nopCommerce themes. It is responsive, Search Engine Optimized and secure. By using this plugin admin can add widget zone enabled checkbox to display subcategories, add subcategories list. When cursor move to Vertical Mega Menu section, its showing Menus and it will display hover effects on home page.

Most Recent Items

nopCommerce Most Recent Items plugin help store owners to display products divided into three section highlighted on home page of website. First, tab shows 'Best Sellers' products which are top selling products of website. Second, tab shows 'New Products' which are marks as new product in the admin panel. Third, tab shows 'Most Recent Items' and it provide extra features to customer to show recently viewed products by other customers on home page.

Highlighted Features:
1) The main feature of Nop Most Recent Items plugin is to display three type of Products category in one tab on website homepage like: Best Sellers, New Products and Most Recent Items
2) Store owner can easily manage number of products to be displayed
3) Easy to configure
4) Site usability improve and user experience during the purchase.


Product Size Chart Plugin

nopCommerce Product Size Chart plugin allow store owners to assign readymade size chart templates to the product, category and create custom size chart for any product. By using Nop Product Size Chart plugin, customers can easily view the product size chart before purchasing the products, it helps them in making qucik decision to purchase and reduce exchange/return of product due to size diffrence. Admin can select a product and upload single or multiple image of product by clicking on Product size chart tab, a list of products will display. After that a link 'Size Chart' show on product details page. Admin can also clone readymade size chart templates and create own size charts and assign them to a category or specific products.

Highlighted Features:
1) Reduced product returns due to the size based issues.
2) Customers can easily view the size chart before purchasing the products.
3) Size Chart reduces customer's confusion regarding the size and fittings.
4) Site usability improve and user experience during the purchase.